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Saturday, June 30, 2007

A little background on Beagle behaviour

After talking to numerous people, I've finally come to realize that many people are not too familiar about how life with a Beagle is like. With their dopey eyes, droopy ears and friendly nature, beagles are perceived to be adorable, lovely and sweet. While that's all true, and they do melt my heart, Beagles are also very active dogs, mischievous at times, intelligent and cheeky. They have a mind of their own, and may or may not listen to their masters consistently.

To me, that's what makes life with a Beagle most interesting. They make you laugh and smile at times when you are down. And they sense they are needed when you need a friend. However, part of the package also includes times when they bite your shoe and end up looking very guilty about it. During these times, you may feel your blood boil and that Snoopy needs to be taught a lesson. And you should - by firmly reprimanding your dog. A firm "No" with a grasp at the back of the neck should be enough.

The fact is, we can't entirely blame our dogs for their behaviour. While we need to correct them for this, there is no guarantee that your dog won't repeat the same mistake. At this point, it is up to you to take preventive measures - Can you stop placing your shoe at a place where your puppy can find it? Can you lock up your Beagle puppy in a cage when you are not at home? Can you buy a dog chew toy instead? (Picture of Claire Doo on the right)

Beagles are utterly intelligent canines. All the beagle puppies in our litter (only 6 weeks old) have already learnt that they need to poo on the grass area whenever they are outside. I was amazed at how fast they picked that up! Clifford has somewhat learnt NOT to put his paws in the bowl while eating. Emily and Penny has managed to open the door of the crate FROM THE INSIDE when we were not at home. While they had explored the house, it was a good thing they didn't bite any of the wires. Tobie, their mom, has also figured out how to open the cage from within. We have since then stopped locking her in the cage, else she will let all the puppies out!

Another trait of Beagles is that they love attention. They need you to talk to them and pat them, although they are not overly clingy like some other breeds I've seen. Beagles are loyal friends, and would readily sit next to you for brownie points. The most amusing thing about my Beagle is her ability to "pose" when she hopes to get treats from us. All this cuteness has managed to earn her some significant extra food over the years. Interestingly, they seem to have the innate ability to get on your good side especially when it's to their advantage.

I would not say that Beagles are good guard dogs. All my Beagle has ever barked at were cats and dogs passing by our home. They may be vocal at times, but that would be to get YOUR attention. Unlike Miniature Pinchers, they DON'T bark non-stop. They may make that half-howl, half bark Beagling noise, but Tobie has rarely done that.

Ideally, Beagles should be raised in a house, not an apartment. Although they are small dogs, they are very active, and need to run about in the compound. Sometimes, my dogs have been caught sunbathing in the midst of a blazing afternoon at 3 pm! Beagles can be kept inside the home, and they can be toilet-trained, but they should be let out into the yard whenever possible.

Cages are necessary for a Beagle, for their safety as well as yours. Due to their docile and friendly nature, there have been cases of Beagle thefts right from the home. Caging them also prevents them from biting on stuff around your house, and also from escaping. Unlike other dogs, Beagles are easily distracted by their noses (Beagles have an excellent sense of smell) and aren't inclined to return home once they escape. They are just too distracted by the smells outside of their home!

Finally, Beagles are great for young couples, or families with children. They love kids and look forward to playing with them too. Of course, I've never seen a child who does not adore a Beagle. Nevertheless, young children should not be wholly responsible for the daily care of a Beagle. Ultimately, the dog becomes part of the family, and the adults need to care for the dog just like any other family member. Dogs are a commitment for at least 10 years and we must be ready to be responsible for them for the long term. (Picture of Emily Doo on the right)


pineapple said...

where's teddy?? and btw..they're so big cute..melts my heart..hhhahaha..xD

NYC said...

Teddy's at home, waiting for you to pick him up Monday! Yes! They sure have grown. You should come visit, and see the rest of them too. :)

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Marie Foster said...
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Marie Foster said...

Hi I have a 3 month old beagle bitch, and cannot understand why she is digging when in her bed just as though she was in the garden, can you explain this behaviour Thankyou
Regards Maz

Aditya said...

i like ur advice toward these dogs and as i was planning for these i am very much benifitted

Aditya said...

i like ur advice toward these dogs and as i was planning for these i am very much benifitted

Aditya said...

i like ur advice toward these dogs and as i was planning for these i am very much benifitted

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